The Difference between Polypropylene and PVC (Vinyl) CD Sleeves

Q: How can you tell the difference between polypropylene and PVC (vinyl) CD sleeves?

A: The fastest way to determine of a CD sleeve is polystyrene or vinyl is to give it a good sniff. Vinyl has a distinctive scent. Around the office, we've described this scent as being similar to a new shower curtain, a fashion doll and one of those big bouncy balls you can buy at the supermarket. Can you imagine that smell, now? That's the smell of vinyl and polypropylene doesn't have that smell. (Although polypropylene that has a lot of recycled content in it also has a distinctive odor, but that's a different smell all together.)

Of course, you can't sniff a disc sleeve when you're ordering online, which is why Polyline clearly labels what materials are used to make our sleeves:

screenshot of binder sleeves page

Why you should care
Even in sleeves, vinyl has a plush look and feel that has a higher perceived value and, therefore, can give your product a higher perceived value. It is not, however, a good choice for archiving.

If you're using disc sleeves to store your discs, you should use polypropylene CD sleeves, which degrades slowly and is chemically non-aggressive. This means that the sleeve won't get stuck to the label of your disc. And remember, on DVD-Rs the disc label is very, very close to the reflective layer of the disc. Damage the label and you could be damaging the disc itself.

Check out Polyline's entire lineup of disc sleeves.

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