How many minutes of video does a dual layer DVD hold?

Dual layer DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs both have 8.5GB of storage capacity and can hold approximately 16 hours of VHS quality video. There is a slight difference between these formats in capacity when recording DVD quality video, however. A DVD-R DL will hold approximately 3.5 hours of DVD quality video and the DVD+R DL will hold 4 hours.

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. said...

Does the burning software matter? I'm using Roxio Creator 11 and my 2 hour footage doesn't fit on the Verbatim DVD+R DL disk if I select HD quality but will if I reduce the quality.

Stacy Strunk said...

In the case you mentioned, it's less about the software you're using and more about the quality. True HD-quality footage creates large files. When you're burning 2 hours of HD, non-compressed footage, you're in Blu-ray territory. Hope this helps.

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