What kind of paper should I use for my DVD insert?

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1. Select the best paper for your printer. If your using an inkjet printer, select inkjet paper.

2. Glossy papers take longer to dry, but the finished look is polished and professional.

3. Thicker, heavier paper helps prevent inks from bleeding through the paper and also help create a professional look. Don’t just look at the stated “pounds” either, consider whether it’s text paper, cover paper, bond paper, etc. (If talking about 100lb text paper, that means that 500 sheets of 25 x 38” paper weighs 100 poundss. With cover paper, it would be 500 sheets of 20 x 26” paper. The cover paper weighs the same amount for smaller size sheets, so it would be heavier. Get it?)

4. If you don’t have a paper cutter, I recommend selecting an inert paper with scored edges. Polyline carries a great line of DVD inserts with scored edges, including inserts made of glossy paper.

5. Select the brightest white paper you can find. A smooth paper with a whiter surface reflects light more evenly and creates cleaner-looking colors.

6. If you want to make an insert with a bleed (where colors/printing goes all the way to the edges of the insert), look for an insert where the description says something like “centered, full bleed.” These are created so that you’ll print past the edges of the insert and then remove the extra edges.

7. Don’t forget to include a booklet inside your DVD case. You can use it as a mini-catalog for your other products/services, or provide additional information that would be useful to your customers.

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