What is a 1TB Hard Drive?

A 1TB Hard Drive (or 1 Terabyte Hard Drive) can hold 1,024GB (gigabytes) of data. For you content creation professionals, that means you can hold approximately 17 hours of DVCPRO HD 1080/60i or 2.2 hours of uncompressed 8-bit 1080/60i HD footage.

Polyline carries a variety of external hard drives with 1TB and greater capacities. Because we deal a lot with video and audio professionals, the majority of our hard drives are created specifically for the needs of content creation pros by LaCie, G-Technology and Avastor.

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Anonymous said...

why is knowing the amount of TB in hard disk important? and same goes for knowing the amount of GHz in a computer.

Stacy Strunk said...

Good questions! The TBs (or GBs) of a hard drive tell you how much stuff the hard drive can hold -- it's the hard drive's capacity. It's not the *exact* amount the drive can hold, it's more of a theoretical figure.

In much the same way the GHz tells us a theoritical speed of the computer. GHz is the speed at which the CPU clock can cycle. In theory, the faster the internal clock can move, the faster the computer can move. I like to compare this to a person's genetic capabilities: they might carry a "fast gene" but it doesn't necessarily mean they'll win a marathon. (This is a loose analogy.)

From a practical stand point, however, making sure your internal hard drive has adequate RAM is probably the best way to increase actual speed. In the analagy we used above, it would be like someone who is born without the "fast gene" training hard and getting a good trainer.

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